Auto Accident Claims: Not As Easy As You Think

  Recently I have been meeting more and more clients who have come to me to resolve their automobile accident claim after they have already tried doing it on their own.  In every case, they had gone into it thinking “why pay a lawyer for something I can do on my own?”  In every case, they had done things to materially damage their case, and ultimately their settlements.  For those that had already settled their cases but decided to consult … Continued

Do I File For Bankruptcy or Divorce First?

Do I File for Bankruptcy or Divorce First? Are you ready to file for bankruptcy? Is a divorce filing also looming on the horizon? Getting this right all comes down to timing. This critical factor will play a role in whether you file bankruptcy or divorce first. Please continue reading to find out if you should file for divorce before or after a bankruptcy filing. Divorce and Bankruptcy: How Do They Affect One Another? Generally speaking, going through the bankruptcy … Continued

What To Look For When Screening a Tenant in Los Angeles

Let me start by saying the following is not written as legal advice, whatsoever. I write this as a casual observer who has witnessed many landlords suffer over the years due to their own kindness and naivety. I write this to hopefully help landlords who are new to the game, figure out how to properly screen tenants so they don’t find themselves in a world of trouble by letting the wrong person into their property. For those of you that … Continued

The L.A. Paradox

Do you want to know what makes Los Angeles the coolest city in North America?  Nothing is ever your fault.  Or anyone else’s fault, for that matter.  Did you drive drunk and go the wrong direction down a one way street, only to hit someone?  It’s their fault for not having seen you first and moving out of the way.  Did you crash into someone because you were you too busy texting your friend to pay attention to the road?  … Continued


I often have clients that come through our office asking about the option of debt settlement or debt consolidation to avoid filing a bankruptcy.  While the intent is noble, there can be many pitfalls that you are not aware of when trying to either negotiate down your debt, or alternatively, contract with a debt consolidation company to remedy your debt. Let me cut right to the chase in discussing the potential problems with each of these “solutions”.   Debt Settlement … Continued

Check out our Avvo Rating!

I’m proud to announce our Avvo rating as Excellent! The result of many happy clients has resulted in being chosen as Clients Choice in 2013. You don’t have to take our word for it though…call Neil Bhartia today for your free consultation and find out why they call us the best. 888.552.6272 Lawyer Neil Bhartia | Featured Attorney Car Accident Lawyer Neil Bhartia | Lawyer Car Accident

Car v. Motorcycle and Double Yellow Lines

In California, there is much debate about how motorcycles can legally “lane-split” meaning they can ride between two lanes of traffic. For those that drive Los Angeles freeways, we all know the issues that presents when we’re driving in bumper to bumper traffic and a motorcycle goes whizzing by us from out of nowhere while we’re at a dead stop. It is startling. The follow video was recently released where a motorcyclist who was driving at a high rate of … Continued

Thanks NLSLA – William J. Lasarow Award

What a great night!  I was honored to be given the William J. Lasarow Award for my pro-bono work with the Neighborhood Legal Services Los Angeles County.  During a splendid reception at the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building in Los Angeles, a number of pro-bono attorneys were honored for our work in helping the community and those less fortunate who could not afford an attorney. Thank you NLSLA and the US Bankruptcy Court.    

Just because an agreement is not in writing, does not mean it is not valid

I need to tell you this because so many people think that if something is not in writing, when an agreement is breached, then it’s not enforceable. Incorrect! If someone makes a promise to you, even if it’s verbal, There are limitations to this, of course. But if someone makes a promise to you, and you act on that promise, don’t think you’re screwed just because you didn’t get it in writing.  

Volume 1: Bankruptcy Basics

Curious about wiping out your debt by filing bankruptcy? It’s not as painful as you might think. Watch our video below for the first installment of how this process works: