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Car v. Motorcycle and Double Yellow Lines

In California, there is much debate about how motorcycles can legally “lane-split” meaning they can ride between two lanes of traffic. For those that drive Los Angeles freeways, we all know the issues that presents when we’re driving in bumper to bumper traffic and a motorcycle goes whizzing by us from out of nowhere while we’re at a dead stop. It is startling. The follow video was recently released where a motorcyclist who was driving at a high rate of … Continued

Thanks NLSLA – William J. Lasarow Award

What a great night!  I was honored to be given the William J. Lasarow Award for my pro-bono work with the Neighborhood Legal Services Los Angeles County.  During a splendid reception at the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building in Los Angeles, a number of pro-bono attorneys were honored for our work in helping the community and those less fortunate who could not afford an attorney. Thank you NLSLA and the US Bankruptcy Court.    

Just because an agreement is not in writing, does not mean it is not valid

I need to tell you this because so many people think that if something is not in writing, when an agreement is breached, then it’s not enforceable. Incorrect! If someone makes a promise to you, even if it’s verbal, There are limitations to this, of course. But if someone makes a promise to you, and you act on that promise, don’t think you’re screwed just because you didn’t get it in writing.  

Volume 1: Bankruptcy Basics

Curious about wiping out your debt by filing bankruptcy? It’s not as painful as you might think. Watch our video below for the first installment of how this process works: