10th Anniversary Celebration of the Bankruptcy Self-Help Center

A great night celebrating the Central District’s Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Self-Help Center at Ca Del Sol in Toluca Lake.  After being introduced by Hon. Carlos R. Moreno, Former California Supreme Court Justice, the Hon. Maureen A. Tighe received the Access To Justice Award for her contributions and continued support of the pro-bono clinic and assistance with making sure people get help when they can’t afford a lawyer.   Yours truly was also presented with a token of appreciation for his … Continued

California Bankruptcy Basics: When To Use 703 Versus 704 Exemptions To Protect Your Property

**Please note that this blog article is not to be construed as legal advice, nor does it create an attorney / client relationship.  Please consult an attorney or contact our office should you desire a consultation** Here in California, when preparing your bankruptcy paperwork, one of the critical components of your paperwork includes your “Schedules”.  These Schedules are, as I like to call them, the heartbeat of your bankruptcy as in this set of papers you disclose your income, expenses, … Continued